Become a Member

New members are asked to fish with several of the current members throughout the first year. This allows everyone to get to know each other and the way we operate.  We are a relatively small club and it’s important that it’s a good fit for you and the members. After your first season, the officers will hold a vote to induct you into the club.

It’s not a requirement to have your own boat, but it’s highly recommended and avoids a variety of issues between you and other members if you’re constantly looking for a boat to fish out of.  If you don’t have a boat, we recommend joining with a friend or family member that does.  If you do have a boat, it must have an operating live well.

There are no dues until you are voted in as a member. Our dues are very similar to other clubs in the area and might vary from $35-$40 each year.

Our Schedule

If conditions are good we will start the season in April with an event or two before bass season closes.  After the season opens back up again in June, we hold the majority of our club events 1 or 2 times a week on weekday evenings after 6, from June through August. This allows most members to fish after work. And, it allows us to avoid scheduling conflicts with other clubs that typically hold events on the weekends.

In July, and often one day in June, we host the lunker tournaments at the Howard launch on Sayers every Thursday evening, from 6:30-9:30. We ask members to arrive by around 5-5:30 to help with boat checks and fill in where needed.

We often fish into October depending upon weather and how many members are able. As the weather gets cooler, we typically schedule more of our events during the day late in the week or on the weekends.

We do not share our full season schedule to new members up front.  However, we will notify new members of an upcoming event a week or two ahead of time.

Club Etiquette

  • CCBM must be the only bass fishing club you belong to.
  • Maintain a professional and courteous attitude
  • Do not share the CCBM private club schedule with non-members.
  • Potential members must be willing to fish with existing members.
  • Help out at the lunker tournaments by checking boats, helping at weigh-in or wherever else help is needed.
  • If you fish out of someone’s boat, please help cover the boat owner’s costs.  At least cover entry fees on a local lake. On lakes farther away, helping with gas is also a good idea.
  • Help club members launch their boats.  Especially if you’re fishing with them or they’re trying to launch on their own.
  • Don’t front-end your backseat angler
  • If someone shows you their favorite spot, respect it’s secrecy.  It’s more fun to find your own secret spots anyway.
  • If you’re close enough to cross lines with another fisherman, you’re too close.  When in doubt, ask permission.
  • Don’t cut off other anglers.  On small lakes it can be hard to avoid.  If you can’t give someone about 100 yards in the direction they’re fishing, just come back later.  Or, if you see they’re heading towards a common fishing hole, give them space to do so.
  • While under power, give a wide berth when passing other boaters.  Be safe!
  • Help new members become better fishermen.  You don’t have to give up all your best secrets, but helpful tips will make fishing more fun and interesting for everyone.
  • Please respond to any text, email or phone call from another member within 1-2 days.  This is especially critical when confirming whether or not you’re going to an event.

How to Contact Us…

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