Centre County Bassmasters By-Laws

The purpose of establishing the Centre County Bassmasters Club is to provide interested members with opportunities to participate in various activities which will make for a more interesting social life, and to provide opportunities to meet more people with the same avid interest in fishing.

A. The Centre County Bassmasters Club is established under the authority of the B.A.S.S.
B. The organization of this club will follow the guidelines set forth in this constitution and the by-laws.

A. The objectives of this club are outlined by its constitution.

A. Considerations:

1. Each member of the club should have a proper mental attitude towards fishing.

2. Each member should be able to cooperate with other members of the club.

3. Each member must have the common sense required to distinguish between right and wrong.

4. Each member should be able to perform quickly, calmly, and with the sureness of a seasoned sportsman when a hazardous or complicated situation arises.

B. Selection of New Members

1. In selection of new members, there will be no bias or prejudice concerning: race, color, religion, national origin or sex.

2. Prospective members:

a. New members must be familiar with local laws governing fishing.

b. Prospective members must be formally introduced to general membership at a regular meeting and be nominated by an active member.

c. The prospective member must attend three business meetings and five tournaments.

1. During this period, the prospective member will develop and opinion of the club and its members.

2. Members of the club will in turn develop an opinion of the prospective member.

3. Prospective member will read the constitution and by-laws during this period.

d. Upon completion of the three business meetings and five tournaments, the individual must meet the criteria of the Pa. BASS.

e. Upon the completion of c and d above, the prospective member is voted on, if:

1. The prospective member meets the prerequisites set forth in paragraphs A&B, Article III.

2. There is a majority of active members present and if there is at least one officer present.

3. 90% of votes must be “Yes” to be accepted.

4. Absentees may vote by secret ballot.

f. Boat owners to non-boat owners will be 60 to 40 percent. Club not consisting of more than 25 members

C. Discipline — Violation of the constitution and/or by-laws.

1. Flagrant violation of the constitution and/or by-laws will result in a warning or dismissal.

2. All warning and/or fines will be levied by the President in letter form.

3. Possibility of warnings will be discussed by Executive Committee.

4. All dismissals should be 75% vote by the membership. All absentees must send sealed vote.

D. Resignation

1. Procedure for withdrawal of membership will consist of notifying the executive committee that a member wishes to withdraw. Notice of withdrawal is to be by written letter.

E. Requirements of Members

1. Must attend 60% of all meetings and 40% of all affiliated tournaments.

2. Must meet Pa. BASS criteria.

3. Exceptions will be made for illness and work.

4. Violations of above will be discussed by members of a meeting.

F. Active members wishing to go to a “non-active” status.

1. Dues are one-half (½) as active membership dues.

2. Does not have the right to vote.

3. Not eligible for year end awards unless points were made when an active member.

4. Can attend club functions if he pays the participant fee.

5. Can attend tournaments if fee is paid and there is an opening.

6. To become an active member again, must pay years dues.

7. Non-active members will be voted on by members on a yearly basis.

A. The general membership will be guided by an executive committee, which will be composed of:

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. Secretary

4. Tournament Director

5. Treasurer

B. The executive committee will be elected by a majority vote of the general membership present.

1. All members present may vote during the elections.

a. In all elections, no person will vote by proxy or by absentee ballot. The individual must be present to cast his vote.

b. Active members have one vote.

2. In the event of a tie vote, there will be an immediate run-off election among the individuals tied, with each club member present casting one vote.

3. Terms of office of the executive committee will be for 12 months and will commence in January each year. New officers will be elected at October’s meeting.

a. An officer may resign at any time in which case an election will be called to fill the vacant position, the exception being the resignation of the President. If the President resigns, the Vice-President automatically assumes the office. The newly elected official will remain in office until the regularly scheduled elections.

C. There will be no honorary members.

D. The executive committee will announce elections one meeting prior to the scheduled elections.

E. When an official is elected, he will assume responsibilities at January’s meeting.
A. Amendments to the constitution and by-laws may be recommended by a club member and approved by 75% of the general membership.

B. The proposed change will be motioned by the presiding officials. The presiding official must be either the President or Vice-President.

C. When the change has been fully examined, the change will be offered by the general membership for acceptance or rejection.

A. Dues:

1. Club dues will be $40.00 per year. New member will have an additional first time fee of $5.00 to Pa BASS.

2. Dues will be collected once a year at the first meeting in January.

a. New members will begin to pay the month they are voted in.

B. Fees:

1. Fees may be requested for social events and special club functions.

2. Tournament fee of $8.00 per tournament.

See First Closure.
A. Duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee

1. President

a. The president will direct the club in accordance with this constitution and pertinent directives and prepare and adopt by-laws prescribing policies and procedures for the activities of the club.

b. The president will be responsible for establishing topics of discussion for general membership meetings and for planning their presentation.

c. The general membership may submit suggested topics to the President at any time.

2. Vice-President

a. The Vice-President will preside following A-1, Article VIII in the President’s absence.

b. Will act as presidential advisor.

c. Will head study groups and committees.

d. Will verify vote counts, audit financial records periodically, report on actions and outcomes of committees to the President.

3. The Secretary

a. Record and maintain minutes of the meetings.

b. Handle all club correspondence.

c. Announce meetings of the general membership.

d. May appoint an assistant.

4. Treasurer

a. Act as custodian of funds and property

b. Advise the executive committee and membership on financial matters.

c. Collect dues, fees, and contributions.

5. Tournament Director

a. Set up all tournaments.

b. Schedule all tournaments, to be submitted to general membership.

c. Advise the executive committee and membership of changes to tournament rules and regulations.

d. May appoint two assistants.

e. Act as custodian for tournament equipment, i.e., first aid, etc.

B. The General Membership.

1. Considerations

a. The reputation of the club rests with its members.

b. The club’s public reputation is determined by the mannerisms and actions of its members.

c. Favorable public impression of the club is most important.

2. Meetings

a. Meetings will be regularly scheduled on the third Wednesday of each month at the Hublersburg Hotel.

b. Special meetings may be called by the executive committee.